About Us

cresiplast azienda

Nec® is a modern and dynamic company with a great wealth of knowledge acquired through over 40 years of business in the plastic packaging sector.

Nec® is an organisation attentive to needs of the consumer and is able to provide a wide range of bags for the collection of waste including solutions in “PE-HD” and “PE-LD“, biodegradable material. The company is also able to offer its customers comprehensive solutions in the food industry by providing sheets, bags, reels, shopper bags and much more.

Thanks to the commitment and daily dedication of all its staff, the company is able to satisfy the demands of its customers using cutting-edge technical solutions fully respecting the environment. The high quality standards are guaranteed by scrupulous and careful quality control throughout the production process work flow.

In view of the increasingly pressing needs of the market, the Nec® structure is particularly flexible so that it can provide its customers with reduced response times and ensure nationwide deliveries in shorter and faster time frame.

Thanks to a total coordination of internal business process functions, Nec® stands out on the market for its professionalism and absolute reliability.

The qualitative selection of raw materials, the use of cutting-edge equipment and devices, the excellent skills acquired through years of experience in the packaging industry and in-depth knowledge of the most common problems are the real guarantee of results and excellence of Nec® brand products .

Thanks to a computerised system with advanced automatic control systems, the production cycle – extrusion, printing, welding of the film – is executed, controlled and constantly monitored by highly qualified personnel.

Discover Nec’s key strengths

  • 100% Made in Italy material

  • Technologically advanced machinery

  • Wide range of products for recycling collection and the food sector

  • Thirty years of experience in the plastic packaging sector

  • High quality products

  • Maximum flexibility

  • 100% eco-compatible materials to respect the environment

  • Real-time support service